Een bar en voor studenten

The Pelibar

The Pelibar


On 14 May 1975, the Stichting de Pelikaan was founded in the basement of the Pelikaanhof. Initially, the space was supposed to become a children’s day care, but it was decided to make it a place for all Pelikaanhof-residents instead. In this way, it would be easier to hang out with friends closer to their homes as there are not many common rooms in the building. And this is still the main concept of the bar. A place where people can just have a gezellige tijd with their friends for small prices.


Since everyone who works at the bar does so on a voluntary basis, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible! Click here to see our menu.

House rules

Because we want to keep it fun, there are some house rules everyone needs to comply with. The house rules will be added here shortly.