The Pelibar depends completely on volunteer bartenders, it’s an interactive and fun side job!

There are no regular nights with us: it could be really quiet or extremely busy inside. As a bartender you are of course able to handle this well.

The first four nights another bartender will show you the ropes. You’ll learn pouring a perfect beer, using the cash register, keeping the bar clean and how to properly interact with customers. Your fourth shift is always a party, as everyone present will test you on your bartending skills.

Every month we meet to discuss the state of the bar and clean it together, which ends with free dinners and lots of shenanigans. Each month, we also organize a trip for our bartenders, because we like to thank them for their efforts!

Interested in becoming a bartender?

At the moment, there are lot of trainees, and we cannot accept new applications ☹

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